Ann Ewan, Fantasy Writer

Brondings' Honour

What if you were a teenager who had always wanted to be a healer, but instead you had to avenge the Honour of your clan?

The Honour of the Brondings is the man responsible for making sure outsiders deal fairly with the small and isolated Bronding clan, and that Brondings deal fairly with outsiders. When the current Honour, Sigurd, is killed far from the fort, Dayraven magically witnesses his murder. She sees him killed by three men, who are being given orders by a wizard.

Dayraven is just learning to be a healer and isn't sure she's very good at that. Now she finds herself suddenly responsible for avenging Sigurd's murder and taking his place. She has never learned to use a sword and has never even heard of a female Honour. As a healer, she wants to heal people, not kill them. Besides, if she goes all the way to Kingstown, who's going to look after her little brother Derwin? But the magic Torc is tight around her neck and she realizes that she has no choice!


Brondings' Honour is a young adult novel for ages 13 to adult, and was published by Thistledown Press in Saskatchewan in 2006. You can get a copy at your local bookstore or order online  from or from


Brondings' Honour won a Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" award.

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